hi, i'm pippa.

This book is my true life's journey through mental health illness



I am a 49 year old woman who has suffered with Mental Health issues for most of my life.

Across a lifespan of nearly thirty years, I have had three separate therapy sessions varying from Counselling, Psychiatry and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel so I have written this book in the hope that it may help others.

About Me

Lonely Woman

Doctors prescribed numerous anti-depressant medication but none of these fixed me at that time in my life, I only felt numb and suppressed. That’s not to say that the right medication and therapy cannot work for others. It was only after I had trained as a Mental Health First-Aider at work, that I recognised many of the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in me.
I booked an appointment with a trusted colleague who had attended the same Mental Health First Aider course as me. After I opened up to her, she told me that she was no expert on trauma, so she advised me to seek professional help. I was convinced there and then that I was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Verging on yet another breakdown I forced myself to seek professional help, and my doctor confirmed what I already knew.
It had taken twenty nine years and I had self-diagnosed. I was in shock and really scared because I believed that I’d blocked out the traumas and they were dealt with.
I focused on completing my book and my motivation was to help others. For you or those you know, that might be thinking of travelling or just wanting to follow a dream please read this. If you have suffered with any Mental Health problems during your life it might help you in some way.
This book follows my life’s journey of following dreams of freedom, happiness and success. I open my heart and soul throughout my book, and I now openly accept that I have suffered from Mental Health conditions throughout most of my life. This is a true depiction of my life experiences and includes: Emotional and sexual abuse, sadness, happiness, free-spirited living, laughter, pain, emotional torture, guilt, desperation, naivety, together with harsh brutal reality.
I don’t want you to be sad or feel sorry for me, because unless I’d gone through all of this, I wouldn’t have become such a strong person. I also know that I wouldn’t be as well-equipped to help others.

A Small Taster

Lonely Woman

The Threesome

His fantasy to spice things up and make things more exciting for him was to have a threesome! He wanted to watch me to sex with his best mate! Bryan begged me for months and the idea completely disgusted me. I was still in love with him, but was he really in love with me as a person or just as a possession? Why did he want me to have sex with another man? I just couldn’t get my head around it.
He eventually bullied me into it and it was one of the worst mistakes that I have ever made.
I sat on the side of the bed. Luke came into the bedroom at that point and was very hesitant. He shuffled in and I got the impression he was having second thoughts as well. Why on earth didn’t we just stand up and say no? This is a mistake. We aren’t going to this Bryan. All I can say is that Bryan had control and had manipulated this entire situation.

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